Backup hydraulic pump and accumulator

The backup hydraulic pump and accumulator form an additional separate system providing for a fail-safe emergency backup solution in case of hydraulic failure of the primary hydraulic system. This hydraulic pump works electrically and id connected to the battery.

Average pressure in the accumulator is always higher than the tilting pressure generated by the primary hydraulic pump to allow it to 'overrule' the primary system in case of an emergency. The outer chambers of the two double piston cylinders are connected to the backup pump via the DVC™ manifold. If the sensors integrated in de DVC™ manifold detect a sudden loss of pressure/volume, the manifold will direct backup pressure to the cylinders.

The backup hydraulic pump and accumulator also intervene in the velocity band of 0-8 km/h. When standing still, parking, driving in reverse or driving at speeds less than 8 km/h the low speed tilt lock prevents the cockpit from tilting. The system unlocks (backup pressure drops from its maximum overpressure of 150 bar to approximately 70 bar) when the Carver reaches a forward speed of 8 km/h. In the velocity band of 8-20 km/h the backup overpressure gradually decreases from 70 to 0 bar.