Carver One

Based on the DVC™ technology the former engineering company Brink Dynamics developed an enclosed tilting three-wheel vehicle with the comfort and safety of a car, yet only 130 cm (4′ 4″ feet) wide. Years of research and development went into the improvement and fine-tuning of the technology resulting in 2002 in this vehicle obtaining road certification and full EU type approval.

In 2003 the company Vandenbrink manufactured the first exclusive series of 20 vehicles under the name "Vandenbrink Carver", the first-ever commercially available tilting three-wheel vehicle with an enclosed comfortable passenger compartment. Receiving rave reviews from the press and industry watchers worldwide, these first Carvers sold out in record time and were shipped to various enthusiastic owners throughout the world.

After that the Carver vehicle became further tweaked and fine-tuned to a higher level. Under the name of "Carver One" this improved version was rolled out in Europe and the rest of the world. Currently Carver Technology holds all intellectual property rights to the Carver One design and technology.