Sunra One

Chinese scooter manufacturer Sunra will exploit Carver's DVC™ technology


In August 2014, Carver was contacted by the Chinese scooter manufacturer Sunra. In six factories, this company produces about 1,2 million electrical scooters per year. Carver granted the licenses to Sunra to exploit the DVC technology, thus offering the benefits of a vast resource of intellectual property and more than 10 years experience related to the DVC technology.
Production should start in August this year. Sunra expects to sell 60.000 to 100.000 electric Sunra's per year.

The Sunra Carver is 90 cm wide and is propelled by two 3 kW Hub-motors. It has a lithium-ion battery package giving it a range of 60 to over 100 kms. Its top speed is 70 km/hrs.