Carver Technology can offer clients the benefits of a vast resource of intellectual property and more than 10 years experience related to the DVC technology.
Thus giving a lead start to clients exploring these new, and promising markets for self-balancing vehicles and SCVs.

The intellectual property that represents the principal asset of the company, is protected by a wide range of comprehensive patents and patent applications. These patents cover and protect significant parts of the DVC™ technology portfolio.
Carver Technology has already granted various licenses to companies that are interested to exploit the DVC technology in certain vehicle application areas, and this number is currently growing.

For more information on our licensing approach please contact us. We can provide you with an extensive information package in which our strategy for strategic partnership and licensing conditions are explained.


Carver Technology provides engineering and related services to parties that wish to engage in developing self balancing vehicles or improve their exsisting vehicles with parts of the technology .

Such services may include consultancy tasks where concepts will be analysed and evaluated commercially (market studies) and technically (feasibility studies) using existing experience and knowledge, but could also include traditional engineering tasks, leading to detailed engineering and cost parameter packages.

Carver Technology has access to staff that in the past have executed a number of successful projects in the field of self-balancing vehicles for small as well as for large multi national clients.