The DVC™ system, a masterpiece of engineering

Carver engineers may not bet he only ones to have tried to overcome the problem of a narrow vehicle cornering without tipping over, but they are the first and the only ones to have pulled it off successfully. The unique combination of state-of-art components and innovative but proven technology has resulted in a reliable, predictable and above all extremely responsive system, nothing short of a revolution in automotive history!

At the heart of the Carver One lies the Dynamic Vehicle Control (DVC) system which automatically adjusts the tilt angle of the cockpit to the speed and acceleration of the vehicle. The power of the system lies in the fact that it is a simultaneous system enabling an ideal plane-like ‘tilting before corning’rather than a reactive system that, by definition, would act too late.

The DVC allows slender tilting vehicles to have an enclosed drivers compartment.

Complete new “Drive by Wire” electric DVC system has been developed for the new Sunra One in 2014/2015.